Pets are much happier, have less stress, and are much more comfortable when they are at home in a familiar place.  Pets can also stay on their regular schedule and routine throughout the day when they are at home.  When you are away on vacation, Paws to Fins will come to your house to take care of your pets.  Visits will include:

  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Walks and/or playtime
  • Ear/neck scratches and belly rubs 
  • Cage cleaning if needed
  • Mail/Newspaper retrieval
  • Garbage/Recycling
  • Refill outside bird feeders/bird baths
  • Adjusting blinds and turning on lights at night to give a "lived-in" appearance
  • Water indoor/outdoor plants
  • Daily notes and text/email updates (if desired)​

Pricing is the same as above

For your convenience, you can pay safely and securely with PayPal

or cash and checks are always accepted.

​Thank you!

1 Hour Pet Sitting Visits

 Mukwonago  -  Big Bend  -  Vernon  -  Waterford  -  Wales  -  Waukesha  -  Eagle  -  East Troy  -  North Prairie  -  Genesee

Now servicing Ottawa too!

Dog Walking

​Please call to set up a 30 - 45 min meet and greet.  This is the time when you can get to know me and I can get to know your pets.  We can discuss your plans and any questions or concerns you may have.  We can also fill out paperwork at this time and  I can learn where things are such as food, toys, etc.  There is no charge for this initial visit.

Holiday visits - Additional fee

Initial Consultation

Vacation Pet Sits

45 Min. Pet Sitting Visits
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1/2 Hour Pet Sitting Visits

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Paws To Fins Pet Sitting, LLC

A mid-day walk/playtime is a great way to break up the day for your dog.  In general, dogs should not go more than 4-6 hours without a potty break.  This mid-day walk can help dogs with separation anxiety (less destruction to your home), older dogs who can't make it through the long day, as well as puppies who need that extra potty stop and energy release.  This visit will also include fresh water, feeding and/or medication administered (if needed), lots of snuggles and treats (if allowed), playtime and a walk or other exercise.

                                                30 min. visit - $18.00
                                                45 min. visit - $23.00
                                                60 min. visit - $28.00 

**Please note there will be an additional $5 per visit charge for the following holidays:

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day,

Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day